About Us

Rise Line Business Credit, a nationwide specialized non-bank lender formed by a team of industry veterans, provides debt solutions to clients throughout the U.S. We have created a platform that brings this broad industry expertise and structuring ability to businesses seeking an alternative to traditional bank lenders. Client solutions typically include asset-based revolving lines of credit and senior secured term loans with loan facilities ranging from $2 million to $15 million with the ability to agent and syndicate larger transactions.

Rise Line focuses on building lasting relationships with our clients, serving those companies that have found it difficult to receive a satisfactory level of service and liquidity from their existing lender. Many companies, particularly in non-mainstream industries, have not enjoyed the lending options available to larger borrowers. For these companies, Rise Line offers customized loan structures, providing liquidity by monetizing both traditional working capital assets such as inventory and accounts receivable, while also including real estate, machinery and equipment and intangible assets as eligible collateral. We explore every possible avenue to arrive at an optimum solution that achieves our client’s capital goals.

We maintain offices in New York and provide coverage across the West, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast.